Welcome to the stained glass shop.  Actually, it's also a workshop since it includes tutorials.  If you know what you are doing, just hop to either the glass sections or the patterns.  If you have never made stained glass, I'd suggest going to the tutorials first.  But I strongly suggest for all visitors at least reading them briefly.  I have my own, strange little ways of doing things that you might find interesting.  Please read the terms of use.

For the glass section, I scanned selected pieces of glass that I have used for making things such as tiffany lamps.  Since I don't seem to have time anymore to do that, I've decided to take my stained glass urges onto the computer.  Hee.....it's also safer since you avoid glass cuts this way.  There are several sections of glass including; solid color, raised, glassy & natural.  These pieces are all full quality jpgs, so the file sizes are a bit large in some cases.

I'm just beginning to scan in patterns for use.  To begin with, I'm starting with very simple designs.  As time goes on, I'll be adding more detailed patterns.  All patterns have been saved in gif format, 2 colors.  This make it easier on you for downloading.  Just remember to increase the pattern to 16 million colors before you start your project.  All these patterns have been cleaned and tested for best results.  If you resize them, remember to use the pixel resize option to cut down on any blurring of the solid lines.

I'm going to give you several variations with the tutorials.  Everyone has their own way of doing things, but I try to plan out all the problems someone might run into.  If you have any questions about some of my methods, please email me.  Hee......I've often had my methods questioned!

Terms of Use:  All supplies are free for you to use for both personal and business purposes.  You may not copy any of the glass, patterns, tutorials or web pages to post on or as another website, or add them to any other collection.  No link back is required or needed for your artwork.  If you do place a link back, it's always appreciated. :-)

To clarify:  Whatever work of art you create using these supplies or tutorials is freely yours to use as you wish.  But to take glass or patterns and then post them on another website as your own is a copyright violation.  The glass is from my personal collection that I have used at home to make actual stained glass pieces.  The patterns were scanned and cleaned over many long days from books that I have bought over the years in order to make glass designs.  You may place a link back to this site as a resource for any graphic groups to use, but do not take supplies and post on a new page as your own work or on any graphic group.

The Basic Steps: Includes Making Transparent Suncatchers
More Complicated: Includes Framing, Sodering & Variations 
Making Stained Glass Lamps

Glass Images:
Glass: Solid Color
Glass: Raised1,   Raised 2
Glass: Glassy1,   Glassy 2,   Glassy 3
Glass: Natural 1,   Natural 2,   Natural 3

Patterns: Simple 1
Patterns: Simple 2
Patterns: Simple 3: Flowers

Finished Creations: What people have made
Creations 1

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