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A lot of the tubes on the following pages, have been made from photo objects and are royalty free.  I can't urge people enough to buy Photo Objects. It will be the best graphic investment you ever make.

You may use them in any way that you choose.  The only rule is that you may not post these edited versions as your own or add them to a CD collection to sell for profit.  Any other way you want to use them is entirely up to you.  I don't even require a link back.

Almost all the tubes will be as a set, except for the room tubes.  This allows me to put more tubes up since it cuts down on both the kb and the aggravation of putting each one up as a separate zip file.  Just click on a thumbnail to download the zip file.  If you want to use only one in a set, just open the file in PSP and use the select tool to select one to export as a single tube.

The cat tubes are not made from Photo Objects.

Animals 1 Animals 2 Birds 1
Butterflys & Moths Flowers 1 Flowers 2
Birds 2 Garden Stuff  Assorted
Cat tubes Leaves & Trees
Furniture & Room Making Tubes
Assorted Bathrooms Bedrooms
Cabinets Dining Rooms Fireplaces
Kitchens Lamps Living Rooms
Office Outdoor Patio
Rocking Chairs Tables

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Update!  More new tubes!

These are my own tubes.  After September 11, 2001, I made several tubes up that would be useful for sites doing memorials.  After that I was teaching tubing and made a few of our own cats as large size tubes.  I have more to add to them, but I probably won't get around to it until after Christmas.  Oh, and don't ask me how I have two new big fire tubes in with my cats!

So while making the cats, I got on a horse binge!  I ended up creating my own little horse farm.  I've just added a second page that is for Unicorns.  Then, a client that is a dealer for IBM and HP got me working on tubing those computer system for ads, so I ended up with a nice collection of computer related tubes.  So then I went on a fantasy kick and did a couple of really nice Celtic Ladies and a set of Royo nudes.  So I've been really busy!

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