Ok.......is everyone ready to have some fun?  Good.  Our Grand Opening Tutorial was a big success and people are still enjoying doing that one.  That's the point of all this really.  We will leave these tutorials up once they are posted.  You won't have to worry about it "poofing" just when you feel like trying it out.  So be sure to visit this page when you want to go back and do one of these great tutorials.  And remember, we will be adding at least 2 new and interesting tutorials each month, brought to you by the Graphic Buds Members.

Also, check the bottom of this page as we have also setup and archived a few standard tutorials dealing with fonts, zipping, html, web page building, etc.  These should be helpful with those nagging questions you sometimes have.

Please note: You may keep on making images to post from any of these tutorials.  We are always happy to see them at anytime, and we will continue to add them to the tutorial galleries.  There is never any time limit on when you can use these or post your results on the Tutorial Board. Nor is there a certain order in which you have to do these. Simply do the tutorials that you want to do.

If you would like to submit a tutorial to be added to our lists, please send Glori an email. We would like to post a new tutorial every week if possible.  In order to keep this running in an orderly manner, they need to be submitted to Glori in email so we can plan their official post on this tutorial board.  Now don't be shy, send those ideas in!  You would be surprised at how many people might like to learn a technique that you've mastered or created.

Graphic Tutorials!

The Graphic Buds tutorial lists are here strictly as a convenience to our members and guests alike. The tutorials you find listed on these pages are the property of the individual authors who have graciously given permission for their tutorial(s) to be listed here. No part of any tutorial may be copied in ANY FORM without the permission of the individual authors.

Please note: these links will open in a new window. If you are using any "POP-UP STOPPER" software, when clicking on a link hold the SHIFT key down or disable the software to open the new window.

1. Making Fantasy Images:  Comes complete with with a whole bunch of supplies.

2. Christmas Tree & Light Making Tutorial:  Rosebud CarMel has actually combined two things into one fun tutorial.  She's going to show you how to build your own tree, and then she will show you how to make interesting animated lights.  For any beginners or people short of time, there are tree tubes you can download from Resources. I find that CarMel's animation for lights is very good because you will be able to set a pattern of your choice.  This will give a more realistic animated look to the lighting.  So have fun!

3. Snowglobe Tutorial: Nancy, one of our members, has prepared a really great tutorial. She also provides bases and tops.  I just love my snowglobes here at home, so I'd really love one on my computer too. 

4. Making a (Christmas) Collage:  Rosebud Leigh has prepared a great tutorial that will be wonderful for this time of year with all those special photos you take. It is also good for any season, so come take a look.

5. Creative Digital Art:  We have a special treat for you.  Linda Maria agreed to make up a tutorial on how she was able to create such wonderful looking fruit for the Thanksgiving challenge. (Currently unavailable)

6. Text 1:  Starting a series of text tutorials making great looking text images.

7. Photo Editing:  This is going to help you out with your photos that need some help.  It will also get you more familiar with using the Retouch Tool.

8. Making Good Transparencies:  Now this should be a big help!

9. Bunny Love Tutorial:  Aw, what cute fuzzy bunnies!

10. Matted Frames: Learn now to make those plush looking framed images.

11. Making Rooms: Make your dream room or rooms.

12. Anne's Perfume Bottles:  by Anne, beautiful bottle tops (Currently unavailable)

13. Making a Basic Window:  by Glori.  Just what it says, starting from scratch.

14. Making A Java Room:  from CarMel, and it's not too hard!

15. Making Picture Frames: from Destiny

16. Oil Lamps:  Making Oil Lamps by Lucinda, very clever!

17. Mask Fun:  A collection of mask tutorials that won't twist your brain.

18. Notecards from PJ:  Make notecards and become a part of the card center!
Make sure you send your finished cards to DebK. for the Graphic Buds Postcard Center.

19. Making Drapes:  Jane shows us how to make drapes (Currently unavailable)

20. Dressing Snow People:  Cassquilts' tutorial followup to her making Snow People tutorial.  To make the people, follow the link near the beginning.

21. Making An Archway:  This is a fantastic tutorial from Jane!

22. Metallic Effects:  From Baldridg, a set of great metal tutorials for PSP6.

23. Making A Candle:  From James by popular demand! (Currently unavailable)

24. Making & Working With Brushes:  by Leigh and it's very easy to understand.

25. Making A Custom Fireplace:  by Jana and Glori, and it goes great with the fan tutorial!

Standard (Non-Graphic) Tutorials

WEBPAGE BUILDING WITH NETSCAPE: Or "How to make a webpage without pulling out your hair"


THE BETTER NOTEPAD  Download, Installation & Instructions

IVIEW: THE BEST LITTLE VIEWER:  Comes with download

FILE SAVING & THE TOOLBAR: Correct way to save files &toolbar help.




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