This tutorial was inspired by my dad.
He loves taking pictures and is very good at it too.

Thing you will need for this tutorial.
I use this font for this tutorial.Hour Photo
You will need three pictures or images.

First open an transparent image 450 X 200.
Now click the text tool over in your left hand tool bar.
Select HourPhoto from the drop down list.
Size is 85, floating and antiatlas checked.
Type a in your box click okay.
Your film roll should be on your image now.

While it is still selected, choose #DA8C04 for your foreground
and #9E570A for the background.

Now go get your floodfill tool and in the tool options, choose Linear gradient
with these settings.

Go to Selections and select none
With your eraser tool, erase that 24 exp, we will add that back later.
Now take your selections tool, rectangle and make a rectangle around the film roll.
Click in the middle. You will now see the marching ants all around the film roll.
Go up to Selections, Invert.
With the brush tool set at the size 30 and your foreground color to black
color in the middle part of your film roll.

Now don't worry if you go outside of the film roll, you can
easily fix this by taking the eraser brush and erasing where you went over.
Go up to Selections, Select None.
Get your text tool and with the Arial font , size 8 , color is the background color.
Type 24 EXP
while it is still selected, rotate it 90 degrees to the left.

With your selections tool, rectangle, draw a rectangle around the film roll

Click in the center of the rectangle.
Just your film roll should be selected now.
Go to Image, Effects, Inner Bevel and apply these settings.

Selections, Select None.
Now we are going to add the film.
Add a new layer.
With your text tool, select the HourPhoto font, size 80, color black, letter c
Type it twice and click okay.

Now with the selections tool, rectangle, feather 0, antiatlas unchecked
Make a rectangle on the film. I made mine 85 x 58.
Remember the size of this rectangle so you can make the others the same size.
You can use the numbers that are down in the left hand size of your screen.

Now open one of the photos you want to use in the film roll.
Go up to Color, Negative Image.
go up to Colors again and Colorize, using these settings.

Now go up to Edit, Copy, make your film roll image active and
Go up to Edit, Paste into selection

Go up to Selections, Select None.
Add a new layer.
Repeat the steps from adding the HourPhoto font letter c until
you have all three photos on your film strip.

Now add one more layer, go to your text tool.
Choose the letter b and click okay.
Move this layer under all the others.
Merge all visible.
Now you can add a background or make it as a transparent gif.
Here is my finished film strip.

Tutorial by Leigh

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This tutorial was created by Leigh's Designs on August 23, 2000