With this tutorial, we will be doing a Christmas collage. I use masks to get my effects. Now don't be afraid of masks, they aren't as hard as you think. If I can do them, you will be able to as well.

First you will want to find some images that you want to use for your collage. I have chosen pictures of my daughter's first Christmas to use for this tutorial and some neat little tubes as well.
Go to your first image that you want to use. I am using this one.

Now for this first mask, I am using this star. 

For your mask needs, you can go to the Resource page and gather some there. There are lots to choose from.

So chose a mask that you would like, open it and then click on your original image that you want to add the mask to, to make it the active one.
Now go up to masks in your top tool bar, click on it, go to new,then down to from image. Click on it, and a window will pop up.

Click on the drop down menu and chose the name of your mask.

Now your image should look something like this one. Mind you, if your image is more square or a different shape, it will look different, but you get the idea, right?

Go up to masks, delete, a window is going to pop up, just click okay. Now you have done your first mask. You want to do this with all your images that you are going to put in your collage. 

Now make a new image I went with 500 X 500...you can always resize it after your done. This gives you room to play with.

Now you want to cut and paste all your masked pictures into your new image. As you do this, you might need to resize some of your masked images and that is okay to do...Arrange them any way you would like, You can rotate them, flip them whatever you think would be nice. ( I always paste mine as a new layer, that way if there is something I don't like about it, you can always go back and change it later) 

Now you are going to want to fill the bottom layer with a color, that helps with the blank spots that might be showing threw some of the images. I chose white for this one, but on others I have chosen black..So whatever is your preferrence. 

Once you are happy with what you have done, its time to merge the layers. I also added a frame around mine. and then added some tubes.

You can decorate it to your heart content. And most of all have fun.

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