Making Basic Windows

This is a very simple basic window.  You can add your own skills to this to create a variation of windows and styles.  You will need to use the ruler for this, so go to View and click on Ruler if you don't already have it up.

I started with a new transparent image, size 300x300.  With my ruler up, I clicked on the draw tool with the following settings.  I decided I wanted my window to be taller than it was wide, so I drew my lines to the 200 mark on the ruler.  Then I used the 50 mark to make the window panes.  Now I have my basic template.

I selected the basic design with the magic wand, copied it and pasted it as a new layer on a 500x500 transparent image to give myself some room to play.  One of the things you can do is to add a top to your basic window.  Use the shape tools for this.  I chose the Ellipse shape.  Add a new layer before doing this.  I picked the center point at the top of the basic window and drew my shape.  I then selected and deleted the bottom half of the ellipse.  If the lines don't quite match up, you can use the deform tool to make it match.  If you have a couple of stray pixels hanging around, just delete them.

To use this as a basic template for your new style, go to Layers, Merge, Merge Visible Layers.  Up to now I've been working with the color blue so it would be easier to see, but I prefer to keep my templates as basic white.  So now that I have merged the visible layers, I use the wand to select the whole window.  I also wanted to expand my window some, so I went to Selections, Modify, Expand and expanded by 1 pixel.  With the window still selected, go to your Air Brush.  I set the opacity at 100 and the size at 200.  Then I airbrushed the window with white.  One reason I like to keep my templates white is for using Blade Pro.  I decided to try the Coppery Wood for the window.  You can also use the pattern fill and fill the window with a wood texture.

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